Hello Dolly

 Bette Midler’s revival of the 1964-1970 hit is rivaling “Hamilton” as the hot ticket on Broadway!  See Union Square as Dolly Levi would have seen it in 1890.  You can google and watch the Barbra Streisand/ Walter Matthau movie (1969) FREE online before coming to see the REAL Union Square of today! $20.00/$15.00 for 65+.  Meet at E. 14th Street and Union Square West, northeast corner.

Union Square was the entertainment District of 1890 — the Times Square of its day.  Twentieth Century-Fox built the biggest set Hollywood had ever seen for “Dolly,” representing Union Square in 1890.  See how they based Dolly’s Harmonia Gardens Restaurant on Luchow’s and Delmonico’s.  Learn who Tony Pastor was, and where and how Vaudeville began.  See the last Tammany Hall.  See where D. W. Griffith discovered Mary Pickford and the Gish sisters.

Saturday & Sunday, July 7 & 8, and November 10 & 11, 2018.